Keeping Your Dog Safe From Wild Animals

Whether you’re living in an urban area, a rural area, or a suburban area, chances are that you’re closer to wildlife than you realize. raccoons, coyotes, and skunks are quite prevalent in these areas. Many of these animals aren’t a good mix with dogs. Thankfully, we have some easy-to-follow tips to help you keep your pet safe from such potentially dangerous predators.



Those cute seemingly innocent animals can be downright vicious! Raccoons are highly intelligent and have a savage scratch and bite attitude in any fight. They know right where to strike to do the most damage to their predators.

When in a fight, a raccoon may try to scratch out the eyes or roll an animal onto its back and disembowel it. This is their natural response to a fight.

While the Humane Society states that raccoons aren’t likely to start a fight without provocation, they’re still quite brazen and a protective dog may strike out at them and inadvertently start the fight. Humans that see these animals as cute and feed them are causing the issue to be even worse.

The more humans feed raccoons, the less likely they are to be afraid of predators. If someone tries to chase them off, they may well turn and attack because they’ve come to expect being fed by humans.

You’ll need to be prepared to protect yourself and your dog if you have raccoons in your area.

You have 3 options if a raccoon has taken up residence on your property:

  1. Go after them with a bat or some other object.
  2. Wait them out until they leave.
  3. Call a professional exterminator and have them removed. A wildlife removal company will professionally remove them to another area.

Here are some ways to avoid a conflict with a Raccoon:

  • Don’t feed raccoons
  • Keep pet food indoors
  • Keep pets indoors at night
  • Lock pet doors to prevent raccoons from using them
  • Use secure compost bins so that raccoons can’t access them
  • Lock your garbage up
  • Clean-up the barbecue area

Train your dog to “leave it”, “Off”, and “Come”. A well-trained dog will help avoid any confrontation with a raccoon.


coyote laying in snow covered field

As long as a coyote has plenty of food, they’ll stay out of sight. They don’t like humans and will shy away. They build dens that are hidden and often can be found in city parks or on preserves. Learn to avoid contact. Don’t walk dogs at dawn or dusk when coyote activity is higher. Keep dogs on a leash and close to you at all times.

Avoid walking dogs in areas where you know coyotes like to roam.

Dogs aren’t a typical food source for coyotes, coyotes prefer rodents and fruit. On occasion, they’ll eat a feral cat or a domestic cat if it’s left outdoors at night. Bolder coyotes may go after a dog but it’s pretty rare. Keep dogs close in areas where coyotes are known to be


skunk on driveway

Skunks tend to avoid any form of contact with humans and pets. They like to roam at night and lights frighten them off. Skunks have very poor eyesight and will spray if frightened to protect themselves. They spray as a last resort so try not to startle them. Once they do spray, it will take them several days before they can spray again.

Avoid trying to scare a skunk so that it won’t feel threatened and attempt to spray. Simply back away slowly and allow it to pass through your yard.

Again, train your dog well. Ensure that they will back down and come when called. A well-trained dog will help prevent skunk sprays.

If your dog does happen to get sprayed, make sure that you have some things on hand so that you can get your dog cleaned up without having to run out shopping to get supplies.

Or you can use Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover

Use towels that can be tossed into the garbage as they’ll never be the same again. Wipe your dog down to remove as much of the oil as you can possibly remove and then bathe your dog in the aforementioned solution. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse. Repeat as needed.

Keep in mind that wildlife isn’t bad in and of itself. Just be prepared for interactions with your dog and in case of emergency have a well-trained dog so that you can peacefully coexist.

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How To Keep Your Bulldog Healthy

Bulldog Healthy Barks and Bytes

Pets (dogs, cats, parrots, etc.) are important to most of us. Pets not only make great companions but also help us realize who we are deep inside. There’s, however, more to owning a pet than just feeding and having him/her around. Your pet too needs the same level of care as your children and everything else you love.

bulldog barks and bytes

Like any other living creature, your dog or cat is susceptible to illnesses and injuries. While a certified vet may help take care of these, you too have a big role to play in the pet’s health and well-being. Outlined below are some of the best ways that can help keep your pet healthy.

1. Nutrition

The key to a healthy pet is with the type/kind of foods you give to him/her. Proper nutrition is not only required to keep the dog/cat energized, but also helps boost its ability to fight infections as well. For this reason, make a point of giving your pet a well-balanced meal, and a nutritious one for that matter. Be sure to check with the local veterinarian for the proportions he/she needs in a day. Consider going for all-organic and healthy food for your pets. Any pet treats with suspicious/strange ingredients should be avoided.  BonzK9er Bulldog Barks and Bytes is a great site to learn more about canine nutrition, training and exercise.

2. Exercise

Pets too need regular body exercise to remain fit and energized. This is particularly important for your dog. While feeding him/her with organic and nutritious food is important, the dog too needs to take a walk once in a while, say a week thrice. Taking your dog for a walk, or playing games with it in the park is exercise enough to keep him/her fit. Exercising your pet regularly is vital for its blood circulation, muscle strength, and agility.

3. Oral Health

Your pet’s oral health is essential for its well being as well. This is particularly important for both cats and dogs. Oral pet care such as oral sprays, toothbrushes, and avoiding high-carb diets can help reduce oral infections and potentially dangerous health conditions. If unsure of how to brush your dog’s teeth, you can consult a local vet officer for help with the same. You will need a special toothbrush to use it on your dog or cat.

These are the 3 basic requirements for a healthy pet. Although most vaccinations are necessary, too many of these can have some devastating effects on your dog. Stick to one vet to be able to keep track of the pet’s health.

You may also want to avoid any generic pet food available in most stores today.

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Is A German Shepherd The Right Breed For You?

Is A German Shepherd The Right Breed For You?

Deciding to bring a four legged canine into your home and family is both an exciting and apprehensive time. A dog can bring many years of fun, friendship ad loyalty to any home, yet the four legged addition certainly comes with a significant responsibility. One of the keys to getting it right, is to choose the breed that will best suit your individual circumstances. If you are considering a German Shepherd, how can you know if it is the right dog for you? The guide below should point you in the right direction.

What Does A German Shepherd Need?

There are several factors that must be taken into account if you are thinking about taking on a German Shepherd.

German Shepherds Need To Feel Like Part Of The Family

Granted, they may look strong and independent, however don’t be fooled by their appearance. German Shepherds need love, warmth, loyalty and a sense of belonging. This breed craves friendship and is dependent on its precious human family to provide, not only for physical needs, but also for emotional ones. If you are the type of person or family who believe that the dog has a central place in the home, a German Shepherd may be a great match.

German Shepard

German Shepherds Need Exercise And Stimulation

German Shepherds are classified as working dogs. This doesn’t mean you need to literally put them to work, but they are active animals that have no desire to sit around all day. If your lifestyle means there is no one at home for long periods of time everyday, choosing a German Shepherd as the new addition to your home may not be a kind move.

German Shepherds Must Have Socialization

This breed of dog love human company, often they can be protective of their family, at all costs. To ensure that the positive quality of protection is channelled the right way, German Shepherds must be socialized correctly. Much of the socialization must happen within the first six months of the puppy’s life, although continued socialization is also vital.

If you are keen to be the owner of a German Shepherd you must ensure that you have enough time to spare, especially during the initial months, to make sure your dog is well socialized with other people, animals and situations.

The Right Breed For You?

Indeed, deciding to bring a dog home is one of life’s wonderful events. We are blessed to be able to enjoy a strong and loyal bond with these incredible canine creatures, However, not every breed will be right for you and your circumstances. Before you set off to visit local puppy breeders, make sure that you have taken the time to consider your own circumstances and understand what breed will be the best match.

If you have the circumstances to introduce a German Shepherd into your home, be ready for something very magical to happen; these unique and beautiful dogs have a way of stealing the heart of everyone they meet!

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The Golden Rules Of German Shepherd Training

The Golden Rules Of German Shepherd Training

Having a well trained German Shepherd is a pleasure while an untrained pet can cause a lot of trouble. It is important that you train your German Shepherd correctly to ensure that they listen to you and are not a danger to themselves or others. To train your pet correctly, you need to know the golden rules of German Shepherd training.

German Shepherds Have A Specific Function

All dog breeds were created for specific reasons and have specific functions bred into them and the German Shepherd is no different. This breed was bred to herd and protect and it is important that you remember this when training. As these dogs were created as work dogs, they have a lot of energy and will need to be kept busy.

When you take this into account, you will see that training your dog is actually killing two birds with one stone. You will be able to train your dog to listen to commands and keep them busy. Of course, you will need to be consistent in your training and provide training regularly to keep the keep mind of this breed engaged.


Be A Good Leader

There are many people who assume that they need to establish themselves as the alpha of their dog pack to correctly train their pet. This is not completely correct because your dog understands that you are not another dog. This means that they will not see you as an alpha because you are not a dog. What you can do is establish yourself as a capable and good leader.

Your dog looks to you for guidance and if you are a good leader, they are going to be more likely to follow you. This is important when training your pet because they will listen to your commands more if they respect your leadership. To show that you are a good leader, you should look at using brains over brawn when training them.

Dogs Do Not Communicate Like Humans

Shouting commands are your dog and expecting them to understand will not work in training. Your dog will look at a number of different stimuli to determine what you want from them. This will include the tone of your voice and your body language. It is important that you combine body language and vocal tones when training your pet.

Over time and with training, your dog will start to recognize certain command words. However, to get to this point, you will need to reinforce their meaning through actions and body language. Clam and simple commands are the best because they will be easier for your dog to learn as you train them.


There are many rules that you should know if you want to train your German Shepherd. Being a good leader is important as is keeping your dog active. Consistency is also important and you need to remember that your dog will not communicate in the same way that a human would.

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Care & Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Owners

Care & Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Owners

If you own a German shepherd, you’re going to want to make sure that your dog is receiving the kind of care that it needs. Proper grooming is a big part of that. Follow these care and grooming tips, and you should be able to keep your pet looking and feeling great.

Brush Your Dog Every Day

One of the things that makes German shepherds so beautiful are their plush double coats. Unfortunately, these coats also require a great deal of care. You’re going to need to have the best dog brush for removing shedding fur. Brush your dog on a daily basis if you want to keep their fur in great shape.

You might want to invest in a de-shedder comb. A comb like this is specifically designed to reduce and prevent shedding. If you use a comb like this during your brushing sessions, you’ll be able to get rid of loose fur and keep your dog looking its best.

Don’t Bathe Your Dog Too Often

A lot of people think that they need to bathe their dog on a regular basis. While some breeds of dogs benefit from regular bathing, it’s better for German shepherds to wait between baths. Unless your dog is soiled in some way, you should only bathe every 5 months or so.

Why should you hold off on bathing your dog? For one, German shepherd fur has a lot of oil in it. If you bathe your dog, you’re going to be washing all of those natural oils away. Beyond that, bathing your dog all the time can actually damage the skin beneath their fur. Dogs don’t need to clean as often as humans do. It’s okay to go a long time between baths.

Watch Out For Shedding Season

German shepherds do most of their shedding during certain periods of the year. Typically, these dogs see a significant increase in shedding at the start of spring and in the middle of fall. You need to be prepared for this shedding increase.

If you know when your dog is going to be shedding, you’ll be able to deal with the problem. You may want to have your pet spend more time outdoors, or you may want to brush them twice a day. Make sure their fur is well cared for during this time.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog’s Condition

German shepherds are obedient dogs. Because of this, your dog may not always whimper or try to seek your attention when they are injured. When you are grooming your dog, you should keep an eye out for any injuries. If you see that your dog is hurt, you should get them the care that they need.

You should keep an especially close eye on your dog’s paws. This is where a lot of injuries occur.


Owning a German shepherd is a big responsibility. You’re going to be the person responsible for meeting your dog’s needs. That’s why you need to consider these care and grooming tips. If you know how to care for your dog, you’ll be able to give your pet everything that they need.

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German Shepherd Dogs – Training and Discipline

Training And Discipline For Your German Shepherd Dog

Training and discipline are important for all dogs and your German Shepherd is no different. Many people struggle with training and disciplining their German Shepherd because of the stubborn nature of these dogs. The intelligence of the breed will make them stubborn and you need to know how to adapt your training around this.

Understanding The Breed

In order to train your German Shepherd correctly, you need to understand the breed. These dogs come from a long line of working dogs and have been bred to herd and guard. They have also been bred as sniffer dogs and for use in search and rescue operations. This means that your dog needs to be kept busy and this should be incorporated into your training.

Being A Good Leader

There are many people who believe that you need to assert your dominance over your dog to have the role of alpha. The truth is that German Shepherds know that you are not a dog and this means that they will not see you as one or as an alpha. However, you can still be seen as a leader and someone they will look to for guidance.


If you want to be a good leader, you need to make your pet feel comfortable and safe around you. It is best to use brains over brawn when training your pet because this will make them more comfortable around you. Positive reinforcement should be used to help you maintain discipline and train your pet.

Using Body Language

When you train or discipline your German Shepherd, you need to remember that they do not understand what you are saying. Over time, they will be able to understand certain commands because of repetition. However, when you start, you need to pay attention to your body language and your tone. This will play a larger role in training than what you are actually saying.

When using body language you also need to ensure that you are consistent. There is no point in having different motions for the same command because this will only confuse your pet. You also need to be consistent in what is good behavior and what is bad behaviours when you are training your pet. If you are not, your dog will not know what is right and what is wrong which will lead to problems in the future.

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