How To Keep Your Bulldog Healthy

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Pets (dogs, cats, parrots, etc.) are important to most of us. Pets not only make great companions but also help us realize who we are deep inside. There’s, however, more to owning a pet than just feeding and having him/her around. Your pet too needs the same level of care as your children and everything else you love.

bulldog barks and bytes

Like any other living creature, your dog or cat is susceptible to illnesses and injuries. While a certified vet may help take care of these, you too have a big role to play in the pet’s health and well-being. Outlined below are some of the best ways that can help keep your pet healthy.

1. Nutrition

The key to a healthy pet is with the type/kind of foods you give to him/her. Proper nutrition is not only required to keep the dog/cat energized, but also helps boost its ability to fight infections as well. For this reason, make a point of giving your pet a well-balanced meal, and a nutritious one for that matter. Be sure to check with the local veterinarian for the proportions he/she needs in a day. Consider going for all-organic and healthy food for your pets. Any pet treats with suspicious/strange ingredients should be avoided.  BonzK9er Bulldog Barks and Bytes is a great site to learn more about canine nutrition, training and exercise.

2. Exercise

Pets too need regular body exercise to remain fit and energized. This is particularly important for your dog. While feeding him/her with organic and nutritious food is important, the dog too needs to take a walk once in a while, say a week thrice. Taking your dog for a walk, or playing games with it in the park is exercise enough to keep him/her fit. Exercising your pet regularly is vital for its blood circulation, muscle strength, and agility.

3. Oral Health

Your pet’s oral health is essential for its well being as well. This is particularly important for both cats and dogs. Oral pet care such as oral sprays, toothbrushes, and avoiding high-carb diets can help reduce oral infections and potentially dangerous health conditions. If unsure of how to brush your dog’s teeth, you can consult a local vet officer for help with the same. You will need a special toothbrush to use it on your dog or cat.

These are the 3 basic requirements for a healthy pet. Although most vaccinations are necessary, too many of these can have some devastating effects on your dog. Stick to one vet to be able to keep track of the pet’s health.

You may also want to avoid any generic pet food available in most stores today.

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