German Shepherd Dogs – Training and Discipline

Training And Discipline For Your German Shepherd Dog

Training and discipline are important for all dogs and your German Shepherd is no different. Many people struggle with training and disciplining their German Shepherd because of the stubborn nature of these dogs. The intelligence of the breed will make them stubborn and you need to know how to adapt your training around this.

Understanding The Breed

In order to train your German Shepherd correctly, you need to understand the breed. These dogs come from a long line of working dogs and have been bred to herd and guard. They have also been bred as sniffer dogs and for use in search and rescue operations. This means that your dog needs to be kept busy and this should be incorporated into your training.

Being A Good Leader

There are many people who believe that you need to assert your dominance over your dog to have the role of alpha. The truth is that German Shepherds know that you are not a dog and this means that they will not see you as one or as an alpha. However, you can still be seen as a leader and someone they will look to for guidance.


If you want to be a good leader, you need to make your pet feel comfortable and safe around you. It is best to use brains over brawn when training your pet because this will make them more comfortable around you. Positive reinforcement should be used to help you maintain discipline and train your pet.

Using Body Language

When you train or discipline your German Shepherd, you need to remember that they do not understand what you are saying. Over time, they will be able to understand certain commands because of repetition. However, when you start, you need to pay attention to your body language and your tone. This will play a larger role in training than what you are actually saying.

When using body language you also need to ensure that you are consistent. There is no point in having different motions for the same command because this will only confuse your pet. You also need to be consistent in what is good behavior and what is bad behaviours when you are training your pet. If you are not, your dog will not know what is right and what is wrong which will lead to problems in the future.

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